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Counseling is a process that enables a person to express their inner self in a nonthreatening environment. The mission of the Broadway Elementary School Counseling program is to foster respect, instill responsibility and inspire enthusiasm of learning for all students as they prepare to meet the challenges of a changing world. Through unconditional positive regard, genuineness, and emphatic understanding, I will seek to create such an environment for our children here at Broadway. The developmental guidance and counseling program here at Broadway is vital to the achievement of excellence in education for our students.

For student safety and well being concerns after school hours,
please contact CISD Kid Chat at 1-888-543-2428.

Meet our Counselor!

Meet Mocha!

Meet Mocha!

I utilize my dog, Mocha, on Fridays here at Broadway too. She loves the children unconditionally and helps to break down barriers. It is my goal to be your child’s supporter, advocate, friend, accountability partner and motivator.